Watch: Restoring the Amazon’s Lost Forests with Humans for Abundance

August 9, 2022

Our partners at Humans for Abundance are restoring 100 hectares of rainforest in the Ecuadorian Amazon — one seed at a time. 

A new video, produced for us by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions as part of the Age of Change series, shows how their work helps protect biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and sustain Indigenous communities.

Community engagement is key 

Humans for Abundance works with the Mushullakta, an Indigenous Kichwa community, to reforest Ecuador’s mountainous Napo and Pastaza provinces, which are home to monkeys, snakes, and jaguars. Old-growth trees in the region are rapidly vanishing due to mining, oil extraction, and monoculture farming. 

Since 2019, the organization has supported communities in restoring the native ecosystem while creating sustainable livelihoods. 

Seed bank, nursery, and software accelerate restoration

Terraformation has helped the organization establish a seed bank and nursery, and has provided software and training to scale the effort. 

The collaboration has created a model for projects both in and outside of the Amazon — one where communities are front-and-center. Learn more here.

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