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Hawaiʻi, United States

Pacific Flight at Kaupalaoa

Centuries of unsustainable logging and grazing destroyed the native ecosystem at Terraformation’s pilot site in North Kohala, Hawaiʻi. Without the native forest cover, the area has become extremely arid, and the unprotected soil has suffered from severe wind erosion, making this one of the most challenging ecosystems to restore.

But just two years after Terraformation’s team began restoration efforts, the site is now home to more than 6,000 native plants and counting. Many plantings are nearly three feet tall and growing rapidly, thanks to hydration from our solar-powered irrigation system.

Interested in seeing our restoration site in person? Click here to join us on a tour of Pacific Flight at Kaupalaoa.

Our forestry team tags each sapling with Esri's geographic information system (GIS) tool that records its location, species, and a photo to monitor plant progress.

Because of this, we can monitor this newly restored ecosystem — in real time.


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